Borders in a Bedroom – Once drawn can it be opened, once crossed can one walk back

Borders in a Bedroom

Written by Shivali Gopal Bhammer

Directed by Celine Rosenthal

Stage Manager: Radhika Menawat

Thursday 9/29 @ 8PM and Saturday 10/1 @ 2PM

venue: Paradise Factory Theatre, 64E 4th Street NYC 10003

hosted by: A Conscious Stream Products and Tamasha Festival

Borders in a Bedroom centers around a couple, Maya and Imran, and how deeply entrenched views about the complexities of the outside world can permeate even the most intimate of relationships. It compels the characters to address challenging sociopolitical issues pertaining to racial and religious disparities, philosophical differences, nationalism, and ultimately, love. Borders in a Bedroom demands from its protagonists a raw, visceral honesty about what they want and their feelings for each other. Set across one evening in New York City, the play brings to life with brimming heat, charged emotion, and sustained vigor, the conversations most of us would never dare to have in our lifetimes.